Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with RECORD BREAKING Upgrades

Samsung is breaking records. We also guys. I'm back with the latest sensing news for the first time. Sensing is bringing its groundbreaking upgrades on a non Galaxy S series phone. Yes, we're talking about the Galaxy G fold three times. Most special product of 2021. We've got tons of League regarding the full tree in left and right from multiple sources.

Including some specs info regarding the display and camera, one of the most long awaited feature which is under panel camera is finally.

Happening I said where's along with bunch of other leaders have said that Samsung has indeed nailed the under display camera, not just on the inner screen, but also for the outer display.

So we are actually getting do under panel cameras, which is pretty insane and since it's sensing we're talking about, we can expect these under panel cameras to perform like a traditional camera sensor with no effect on image quality.

That's where the actual resolution, the under panel camera for the inner display could have is 16 megapixel resolution, while the outer display rocks a 12 megapixel sensor.

As for the back cameras, and seems like Samsung will be bringing the camera set up from the S 21 Plus to the Z fold three now. The second most groundbreaking thing about the Z fold, three besides the under panel camera will be the S Pen. The S Pen is 100% confirmed as said by ICE Universe. Where are we now? Have more info on this planet. Will have Bluetooth functionality and less than nine millisecond delay. So this S Pen sounds pretty similar to the SMBC.

With the Galaxy Note series, according to one leaks on Twitter, the Galaxy Z fold three could have a built in S Pen. then I really hope that happens because this year we don't have any new Samsung flagship.

With a built in ASP and we also have a new specs info regarding the display and apparently the outer screen is smaller than the Galaxy Z fold two according to this table. This info three will have a 5.4 inch display compared to the 6.2 inch that we have seen on the previous generation. As for the inner display, it's about 7.7 inches now I sinners.

Has some doubts regarding this leak, so it's not concrete again. See if this turns out to be true now. As for Samsung, second fold will form the Galaxy Z, flip three or Z flip two. We now know it's battery size thanks to a recent certification, so apparently it's going to be rocking at 3300 million power battery, which is about the same as last year's Galaxy Z flip. This is a bit of a disappointing news because it's going to have a 120 Hertz.

Trade and 3300 main board battery is a little too small for that, and again we'll see how Samsung manage optimization and everything. Let me know what you think about this in the conversation below. Now Lastly, as you guys know, LG has quit smartphone business and we talked about.

Before and now it's been officially announced. Looking at all of this, Samsung has already taken advantage of the situation.

According to South Korean media LG Innotek, the component supplier for LG, has just done a big deal with Samsung. It's mentioned that LG no tag will mass produce a key component regarding the display to Samsung Electronics Galaxy 8.

This could be a start of even more collaboration in the future. Again, LG not doing business anymore. It is sad, but it's a good news for Samsung, so that's all the latest news. Let me know your thoughts in the conversation below. And yeah, I'll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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