Samsung x Olympus for Galaxy S22 Ultra 2022

It's time to kick off the leaks for the next Galaxy Ultra flagship for 2022. In 11 generations of Galaxy S series, Samsung could do something that they have never done before for the first time, Samsung could join hands with another camera company named Olympus,

As posted by Ice Universe and a few other sources on Twitter, Samsung could collaborate with Olympus for its future flagship phone.

Now the reason behind this collaboration is unknown. At the moment, Samsung as we know they make their own camera hardware so we could be looking at it.

Custom hardware collaboration for the future Ultra flagship or maybe something even next level that could truly revolutionized the smartphone camera game because at this point sensing is done at all.

They have the biggest Smartphone sensor right now, running on May 11 Ultra. Anything bigger than that sounds just absolutely crazy.

Samsung has already used there. 108-megapixel sensor on two generations now. It may be time to do something big, which is why Samsung is joining hands with a proper camera company. Olympus, now Speaking of Samsung's next Ultra phone, it's going to be significantly.

Faster than current generation, Samsung has officially announced that their next Exynos chips for 2022 will be made on arms, newly announced, RMV 9 architecture. 

This new architecture promises 30% improvement over the current ARM V8 based chips making next year chipsets from not just Samsung but even from Apple. Another brand significantly.

Faster than this year, RM further announced that they'll be releasing a brand-new melee GPU with some groundbreaking upgrades, including raytracing variable rate, shading console level features, but Samsung, as we know they have moved towards RADION graphics.

This brand-new GPU will get announced this year. In fact, we'll see some key details coming really, really soon.

Thanks to ice universe. Also, the news we have completely regarding the Galaxy A 82, including the specs as well as sold.

Hands on images. This one unfortunately is not the true upgrade to the Galaxy A 80. I mean there's no rotating camera mechanism or any pop-up camera system on this phone, but it is rocking it as display, which is something we haven't even seen on the S 21 and S21 plus. So, it does have a very business design on the back end. Looks similar to the current Galaxy ACS.

We'll be seeing similar cameras. Setup is going to have a 120 Hertz refresh rate where the main key thing is the processor that is running the show. We have Snapdragon 855 plus chip in South Korea yet still we call as Galaxy a quantum two. It's gonna be coming with that quanta.

And Chip as far as release date is launching officially on 23rd April. Now last would not least. Samsung has done another business deal with LG, According to South Korean media for the first time. Samsung will be buying OLED displays from LG, not for their smartphones, but for their future or relatives. Here in these Samsung.

Looking to secure around 1,000,000 LG OLED panels from LG. The reason behind. This move is because of high pricing for LCD displays.

Samsung is also rumored to be facing some issues regarding their own OLED production, so to secure profitability they have LG doing their work.

Ever since LG announced that they are creating smartphone, business sensing has already made two business moves, so that is all the business news for the first time Samsung.

Operating with a proper camera company, it is exciting considering Samsung making their own hardware.

The possibilities of this collaboration are endless.
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