Samsung's Phone of the year

The phone of the year is back once you guys and it seems like sensing his kept their promise. We have the very first look at the Galaxy S21 fan addition. So, Galaxy S21F S design is like a combination between the Estonian runs design.

A last year's Galaxy S20FT, you can see we have a similar camera bump design as the Galaxy S 21, but no dual colour finish. This rocking a single connexion load throughout its body. As for the backward area is going to be a plastic bag with this sort of.

Matt finish as well the science. We can see shiny metal frame. Know Galaxy asserting that feels slightly bigger than the normal S 21 so it's coming with a 6.4 inch display all flag with a bunch went towards the middle of God. Triple camera setup in the bag.

That's going to be mainly similar as the normal S 21, but it may not have the same zoom lens similar to what Samsung did with last year's Galaxy Estonia fee. The biggest upgrade I believe would be the latest hardware, so this phone will likely be costing around $699 for its starting price. Might even be cheaper than that.

Because the original S 21 is already $800. Again, we'll see what Samsung does with the pricing, but pretty much is going to be a very, very famous phone.

That's going to challenge the likes of pixels 6 and possibly other $700.00 range flagship phones that are coming in second half of 2021. Let me know your thoughts regarding DS21FT in the comments below also in.

The news Galaxy Full 3 firmware development has begun. According to, this usually means that the launch is not that far away as per latest leaks.

The Galaxy full of three is expected to break all the records with under display camera on both outer and inner display is also going to be the first foldable phone in the world to have Espen capability.

Samsung has work day and night to make the display which stand that S Pen pressure.

So really excited to see Galaxy full three in action. Also, counterpoint's research regarding Top 10 best-selling smartphone in the world for the month of January 2021 is here and as you can see the iPhone Dorsey's are still leading the game.

We've got only two Samsung phones in the list to Galaxy 831, a Galaxy at 21. Again, this is for the month of January. If you guys remember, Samsung announced the S 21 series on January 14th and then the global launch happened later in the month so will have to wait and see.

Those numbers coming in in the future reports also, Samsung had a pretty successful Galaxy, a series launch, so looking forward to seeing those numbers as well.

And last but not the least, Samsung has launched something pretty unique and new programme that allows you to experience one UI on your iPhone.

So, if you actually go to eye test DOT NZ and add this to your home screen, it says sensing eye test and this basically give you a full one UI experience on your iPhone.

Do you take a look at Samsung's ecosystem? Scroll around playing with different applications. Even experienced Samsung's own camera application, apply bunch of different themes to change the UI.

And more so if you have the iPhone, definitely do checkout Samsung I.

Just a little link in the description with Admin said that's all for today. Let me know your thoughts regarding sentence phone of the year. The S21F Y is going to be a hot product and yeah, I'll catch you guys later. Peace out.
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